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PokerApp Development

The latest PokerApp release is version 1.00.


Details regarding the ongoing development of PokerApp will be placed on this page.  More information about the development of PokerApp can be found on the SourceForge project page, but this page will also be kept up to date with easily accessible information about PokerApp development.

The Known Bugs List is located here.
The Feature Request Tracker is located here.

PokerApp Current Work - updated 07/30/2007

PokerApp is now an open source project on SourceForge.

This page will focus on the development of PokerApp versions 1.00 and subsequent, since those are the versions which are moving to open source development.  I am still in the process of cleaning up the code and getting it ready for open source.   As of now, I have enough done to get PokerApp up and running - but it can only play Texas or Omaha Hold'em and no AI opponents are ready yet.   You can donwload the code via the SVN repository, but I do not yet have the official v1.00 release packaged and ready.  It is still being worked on and will be completed soon.



PokerApp Future Plans

Big Projects

Minor Upgrades



For questions regarding PokerApp please email me at