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Download PokerApp here.  Download and install instruction are provided in the PokerApp Docs, but if you are using Microsoft Windows and need more help, you can go to the Detailed Windows Installation Procedure.  I assume if you are using a Unix or Linux machine, the documentation is enough information to download and install PokerApp.  If you are using a Macintosh, I cannot offer much assistance because I do not own a Mac.  Additional help is always available on the forums.


By downloaded the PokerApp software, you are acknowledging that you agree with the terms and conditions of the Gnu General Public License agreement.

The PokerApp download is hosted at the PokerApp SourceForge page.

There a number of different packages that you can download depending on your preference:


You can also get the very latest source code from the SourceForge Subversion repository.

In order to download the entire source package you should use the following Subversion command (this assumes you have a Subversion client installed on your machine):
svn checkout pokerapp

After you have downloaded it, simply go into the pokerapp directory run the build script (build.bat on a Windows machine or on a Linux machine) to build the latest version of PokerApp.



For questions regarding PokerApp please email me at