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PokerApp Help

There are several places to get help for PokerApp:

Start by looking at the PokerApp Docs - describes the game and how to play.

Also check out the PokerApp FAQ - contains frequently asked questions and answers.

The PokerApp Forum is also a great place to find answers.

The following documents may be of interest:
Detailed Windows Installation Procedures
Getting and installing Xvfb for Linux

Bugs are tracked with the SourceForge bug traker. If you think you have found a bug in PokerApp and wish to report it, first make sure your bug is not in the Known Bugs Tracker.  If your bug has not already been reported, you may submit a bug report on that SourceForge page by selecting "Submit New" and providing as much detail as possible.

Feature requests are also tracked with the SourceForge traker. If you have a feature your would like to see implemented in PokerApp, please visit the Feature Request Tracker. and select "Submit New".

Finally, if you are having a problem with the game and cannot find the answer in the above areas please feel free to email me at