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PokerApp FAQ

  1. What is PokerApp?

  2. Why should I use PokerApp rather than other Poker playing programs?

  3. What kind of computer do I need to run PokerApp?

  4. How do I install PokerApp?

  5. How do I uninstall PokerApp?

  6. How do I run PokerApp?

  7. Wait, I thought you had to pay for PokerApp?

  8. What if I already paid? Give me a refund!

  9. What is the future of PokerApp?

  10. I am still having problems, how can I get more help?

1.  What is PokerApp?

PokerApp is an open-source (and that means free) multiplayer capable poker game written in the Java programming language.  Because it is written in Java, it should work on any operating system that can run Java programs.  It can play a variety of Poker games and is highly configurable to the user's preferred style of play.  It can be played over a local network or the internet.

2.  Why should I use PokerApp rather than other Poker playing programs?

  1. PokerApp is open-source software - the best kind. Not only does that mean that its free, but you can get the source code and modify any way you desire.

  2. PokerApp is a multiplayer poker game.  From my brief search online, there aren't a lot of really good solutions for playing poker over the internet with friends

  3. PokerApp is platform independent - very nice if you aren't running Windows.

  4. PokerApp is pretty much constantly in development.  If there is a feature you would like to see, just ask - I may even put it in.  In addition, you can even help the development of PokerApp by contributing

  5. PokerApp can be played 'under the radar'.  The original design for PokerApp came out of a need to kill some time at work.  There is no install (and therefore no registry traces); PokerApp is not an executable (java is the executable); and you can use a common reserved port to disguise PokerApp network traffic.  (however playing PokerApp at work or using a reserved port are not recommended practices unless you are sure you know what you are doing)

  6. PokerApp is fun to play - PokerApp's purpose is not to help you get better at poker or impress you will a dazzling array of graphics and sound - it is meant to be a simple, fun game to play.

3.  What kind of computer do I need to run PokerApp?

The only thing PokerApp requires is that you must have at least Java version 1.4 installed on your computer.  Unfortunately, I can't say what the minimum hardware requirements of PokerApp are.  If anybody has gotten PokerApp to run on a particularly weak computer, let me know.  I think that any computer that you can install the Java Runtime Environment can run PokerApp.  I have run it on my 1.4 GHz Windows 2000 computer with absolutely no problems.  I know that for Macs OS X is required (because older Mac OS versions do not support / have Java 1.4)  I have also run PokerApp on my Linux machine - AMD K6-2 550 MHz - Slackware Linux with Blackbox window manager - but it does run a little slow.  Also, I suggest running at least 1024x768 resolution.  The main PokerApp window is 900x600 in size.  You can technically play at 800x600, but its not recommended.

4.  How do I install PokerApp?

PokerApp really isn't installed - it is just unzipped and copied to the desired location.  The windows installer basically does this and adds items to the StartMenu and desktop if desired.  You can copy the required PokerApp files (PokerApp.jar and poker_inputs.txt) anywhere and execute them.  Installation procedures are covered in the PokerApp Docs.  For more information on each platform:

5.  How do I uninstall PokerApp?

Because PokerApp really isn't installed, all that's required to uninstall PokerApp is deleting the files in the folder where you installed PokerApp.  There are no special files or registry entries you need to worry about.  The windows uninstaller removes the PokerApp directory and also deletes any Start Menu or desktop shortcuts it made.

6.  How do I run PokerApp?

PokerApp can be run from the command line or by clicking on the PokerApp.jar file.  For details on how to run PokerApp from the command line, please see the PokerApp documentation.

7.  Wait, I thought you had to pay to register PokerApp?

When I first was started working on PokerApp, I charged a registration fee to unlock the full version of the software. There is no longer any registration for PokerApp as it is now open source software under the Gnu Public License. This solution really was best for the future of the program.

8.  What if I already paid? Give me a refund!

We all know that I am not giving refunds out. However I would like to thank everyone who did register for and support PokerApp in its early deveopment stages. I anticipate that some of you may feel screwed a little, but I would say that I provided everything that you expected by paying the registration fee. I apologize if my current generosity offends your sense of justice. This really is done in the interest of improving PokerApp to be as good as it can be.

9.  What is the future of PokerApp?

PokerApp will continue in development as and open source project. I will try to keep the PokerApp development page as up to date as possible, so you can see what the plans are.

10.  I am still having problems, how can I get more help?

If you've been through this FAQ and the PokerApp documentation and still have a question or an issue, you should check the PokerApp forums.  I will be watching the forums and try to answer questions as soon as possible and hopefully can get PokerApp working for you.

Finally, if you are desperate or feel you need more personal attention or don't like forums, you can email me at